Light Rooms VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Light Rooms VJ Loops Pack is out now!

Hey VJs,

We are so excited to finally share with you our new 3D madness pack: Light Rooms!

50 VJ Loops of 3D detailed love, with three main colors that will shock your LEDs to oblivion.
From tribal elements, to neon, shapes, abstract, architecture & what not,
we wanted to deliver the biggest range of 3D renders so anyone can enjoy his favorite style.
The pack is ruled by three main colors – Cyan, Magenta & Yellow,

Watch the full preview and get it here

Here are some screenshots + one sexy breakdown,
Enjoy 🙂

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Light Rooms VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Light Rooms VJ Loops pack – coming soon!

Hey VJs,

We hope you are sitting in the dark, because we prepared a pack full of LIGHT!
Following our favorite concept of depth, light & shapes – we made Light Rooms.
A 50 loops VJ pack with tons of styles and lots of creative.

Lots of time was spent on creative, even more time on renders – so we hope you like it 🙂

Some teasers below,
Stay tuned! Release is this month //

All the best,

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Voyage VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Voyage VJ Pack is now available – 20 VJ Loops

Hey VJs!

Our New VJ Loops Pack – Voyage – Is now available!

Voyage is an outstanding collection of 3D VJ Loops, made with still objects while the camera is moving in space.
Compared to our last VJ Packs, this one is focused more on the journey feeling, giving the viewer a tunnel illusion while the camera goes deeper and deeper.

20 sexy 1080p VJ loops of 3D worlds with a slick camera motion that will take you on an endless glow-y journey.
Adding to that 10 more depth-maps versions of the loops that you can use to achieve different effects.

GET IT HERE: Voyage VJ Pack


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Voyage VJ Loops Pack – Coming soon to Ghosteam

Hey VJs!

We are happy to announce our next VJ Loops Pack – Voyage, is ready and will be released soon!

This time we focused on creating fluid, dynamic camera motions – creating a visual journey.
The pack will contain 20 VJ Loops, all 1080p and in 3D!
Plus, there will be some bonus renders added to the pack of depth-maps render – really sweet 🙂

Here are some examples, stay tuned for more info!

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3D LED Cubes - Ghosteam

Free VJ Loops Pack Giveaway: 3D LED Cubes!

Hi VJs!

We’re happy to tell you that we’ve decided to giveaway one of our VJ Loops Pack for free!
~~~ 3D LED Cubes VJ Loops Pack ~~~

Abstract neon cubes on a grid, glowing in a 3d room, perfect for VJs, backgrounds and more!
This is a 3-set video of 3D Cubes made of grids scattered in space while the camera moves between them.

3 different clips come with this pack:
1- Static Cubes spread on a grid with a moving camera (50sec)
2- LED colored cubes (50 secs)
3- LED colored cubes version B (30 secs)
-All videos are Loopable.
1080p / 25FPS

Enjoy, Like & Support!

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Beat Machines VJ Loops by Ghosteam

Beat Machines VJ Loops Pack – Available Now!

We’re happy to announce that Beat Machines is now available for purchase!

Get it here: https://www.ghosteaminc.com/portfolio/beat-machines-vj-pack-20-vj-loops/

20 VJ Loops built in 3D space, containing stunning shapes, cubes, triangles, balls & more.
Perfect for LED screens, video mapping, light projection, events, parties, shows & more!

Enjoy, like, share & support 🙂

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Beat Machines by Ghosteam

Coming up this month – BEAT MACHINES – our new VJ pack

Hi VJs!

Finally, we can say that our next pack “Beat Machines” will be released in the new 1-2 weeks.
This pack will blow your mind! 20 VJ loops of 3D scenes, detailed and textures.
With lots of movement and action, this VJ pack will be a must in your arsenal 🙂

Stay tuned for the official release on Resolume website. We will offer the pack independently in a discounted price so make sure to check out website for the update!

Here is another glimpse to one of the VJ Loops coming in the pack:

Beat Machines VJ Loops by Ghosteam
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Single VJ Loops:
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