Voyage VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Voyage VJ Pack is now available – 20 VJ Loops

Hey VJs!

Our New VJ Loops Pack – Voyage – Is now available!

Voyage is an outstanding collection of 3D VJ Loops, made with still objects while the camera is moving in space.
Compared to our last VJ Packs, this one is focused more on the journey feeling, giving the viewer a tunnel illusion while the camera goes deeper and deeper.

20 sexy 1080p VJ loops of 3D worlds with a slick camera motion that will take you on an endless glow-y journey.
Adding to that 10 more depth-maps versions of the loops that you can use to achieve different effects.

GET IT HERE: Voyage VJ Pack


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Beat Machines VJ Loops by Ghosteam

Beat Machines VJ Loops Pack – Available Now!

We’re happy to announce that Beat Machines is now available for purchase!

Get it here: https://www.ghosteaminc.com/portfolio/beat-machines-vj-pack-20-vj-loops/

20 VJ Loops built in 3D space, containing stunning shapes, cubes, triangles, balls & more.
Perfect for LED screens, video mapping, light projection, events, parties, shows & more!

Enjoy, like, share & support 🙂

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Neon Rooms

Neon Rooms Pack is Here! Hyper-Realistic VJ Loops

Our fresh pack NEON ROOMS has been released today !

20 Clips of flickering 3D neon lights! don’t miss it 🙂

Our Fresh VJ Loops pack is ready and released.
You can purchase NEON ROOMS through us via Paypal in a special price – 60 Euros.

After purchase we will send you the pack + license .


We are already working on our next VJ Loops pack, so NEON UP and enjoy using our loops ! 🙂


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