Opti VJ Pack

50 VJ Loops


Opti Pack is here! Get ready to have your eyes melted away.

Opti is our most trippy VJ Loops pack to date.

We really put a lot of effort in order to have things go really wild.
Lots of strobes and crazy movements going on for high impact.

Cameras moving forward which gives you a sexy depth feeling, going on and on and on.
Packed with 51 VJ Loops, Opti will shake your screens and stun your viewers.

Opti is made in black and white, with a subtle tint to enhance the frame.
Lots of shapes and fast moving objects to put you under a spell – Be ware not to get hypnotized 🙂

Codec: DXV3, MOV Photo JPEG
Resolution: 1080p
BPM Sync: 120BPM


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