Ghosteam Live


The first 3D visual pack to connect Unreal Engine & Resolume!
Live rendering in Resolume without any additional plugins.

Combine live feed or your own visuals, directly within the 3D render.
Full control directly in Resolume.

The tool runs in the background,
no need to install anything else.

Everything you need is on the box!

Customer Reviews

7 reviews for Ghosteam Live

  1. Michael Demattia (verified owner)

    This is incredible! Being able to control each look adds a new dimension to my creative toolbox. It’s intuitive and fast. It’s a great value overall. I can’t wait to see more possibilities in the future.

  2. VJ Picles (verified owner)

    This pack is a preview of the future, these Loops are fully editable, you can create a lot of different scenes just playing fun with the parameters.
    Imagine take a signal of a camera and put direct on 3d loop, with this pack is easy.
    And the best part is pixel resolution, here the limit is your CPU/GPU, all the loops are fully scalable. All these things combine do this pack the Swiss army knife of the modern VJ.

  3. grigori korotkikh (verified owner)

    this release is the future! combination of true dynamic content via Unreal Engine output to control via Resolume parameters opens flood gates of possibilities as much as fresh creative concept and as a point many will strive forward as things progress within the industry. let’s call this release a pioneer of it’s kind.. because I’m pretty sure this is! 🙂
    grig – vdmo – vjunion

  4. Rubi Sati (verified owner)

    Great PACK
    Very helpful
    works great with cameras and all the extras that are in the software

    Thank you so much for an excellent plugin !!! <3

  5. Michiel Block (verified owner)

    The future of VJ’ing made simple, live rendering content instead of prerendered loops is an absolute new way of working with visual content. It might take some time to get the content prepped for your needs but then you have literately unlimited possibilities of altering the loops to your specific needs, add textures, logo’s, camera feeds or whatever you need and tweak them to your pixelmap or live when your working and you’ll be blown away!

  6. Typer Moore (verified owner)

    Very straightforward, you can drag the loops and controls around to anywhere in your project. Having too much fun with mapping the controls to audio reactivity. Really enjoy the alpha features, great addition to my VJ workflow. Very solid, it held up at my last gig with no issues. Can’t wait to see more products like this!

  7. Darren Cowley (verified owner)

    Simply the best thing i’ve ever bought for Resolume, it’s helped me break the cycle of never ending VJ Loops and has allowed me to combine with Lumiastream to have reactive graphics on screen controlled by chat commands on Twitch!

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