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Optical Trip VJ Loops pack by Ghosteam

Optical Trip VJ Pack is coming to your screens ! 51 VJ Loops

Ready? Set? it’s coming! Our upcoming VJ Loops pack, Optical Trip, is finalized and gonna go live very soon. 51 killer VJ loops made out of optical madness. Crazy flickers, sick camera moves and everything in hyper crispy 3D! Prepare…

Wonderland VJ Pack is now available!

Hey VJs, We are super happy to announce our next pack – Wonderland is now available! 31 mystic 3D loops made of everything magical  you can think of: Trees, Animals, Smokes, Mountains, Forests, Trippy Neon Flashes and more 🙂 Sold at…
Wonderland VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Wonderland VJ Loops Pack – Coming Soon

Hey VJs! We are happy to tell you that another VJ Loops pack is coming your way – WonderLand ! Made out of mystical visuals, trees, animals & what not, You will be surprised and hypnotized alltogether. We’ll release some…
Light Rooms VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Light Rooms VJ Loops Pack is out now!

Hey VJs, We are so excited to finally share with you our new 3D madness pack: Light Rooms! 50 VJ Loops of 3D detailed love, with three main colors that will shock your LEDs to oblivion. From tribal elements, to…
Light Rooms VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Light Rooms VJ Loops pack – coming soon!

Hey VJs, We hope you are sitting in the dark, because we prepared a pack full of LIGHT! Following our favorite concept of depth, light & shapes – we made Light Rooms. A 50 loops VJ pack with tons of…
Water World VJ Loops pack by Ghosteam

Water World Pack is now out ! 62 VJ Loops

Prepare for some very wet VJ Loops! After many hours of rendering, Water World pack is ready and out. In the pack you will find 45 VJ Loops of water madness, plus 17 loops of water shooting text. Total of…
Water World VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Water World – Upcoming VJ Loops Pack

Hey VJs! We are happy to show you some sneak peeks from our upcoming 3D Pack, including 65 VJ Loops – WATER WORLD. All kinds of water loops, all wrapped up in 1 very wet pack. Stay tuned – it’s…
JumpCut Pack by Ghosteam

JumpCut VJ Loops Pack is NOW Available!

VJs around the world! We are excited to share with you our newest 4K VJ Pack – JUMPCUT. It’s been a while since we have visited the 2D world, and it’s an amazing world to explore! The possibilities are endless,…
JumpCut VJ Loops Pack by Ghosteam

Jumpcut VJ Loops Pack / Coming Soon!

Hey VJs! We are happy to announce yet another VJ Loops pack coming your way. After working a lot in 3D with our last VJ packs, we decided it’s time to go back to the roots. 2D art can be…
Shatter VJ Loops pack by Ghosteam

Shatter VJ Loops Pack is HERE!

Hello VJs! It’s Ghosteam, your friend from outer space! We are happy to announce SHATTER – our new crispy VJ Loops Pack. Extra Extra Read All About It ! Enjoy 🙂 and have a safe visual flight! GT.