Ghosteam LIVE

This is an innovative visual pack,
connecting Unreal Engine & Resolume together.

10 stunning looks that are completely controllable,
directly in the Resolume interface, easily integrated
to your usual workflow.

Are you ready for LIVE?

Full Control in Resolume

Each look offers a variety of parameters,
from color, speed, 3D development, flicker mode,
light chaser and many others!

Create many variations from a single 3D look!
Make the visuals your own & insert custom
textures, videos, images & camera feed!

And Resolution? simply type the one you want!

Watch The Trailer

Showcasing all 10 VJ Loops from the Live pack,
as well as the dynamic structure and controls.

Are you ready for live rendering?

Resolume Interface
Ghosteam Live


Live Baby, Live!

  • Run live 3D rendered directly in Resolume!
  • Unreal .EXE file running in the background.
  • Play one 3D look at the time.

Control is Everything

  • Camera Zoom
  • Light Intensity
  • Light Hue
  • 3D Movement
  • 3D Rotation

Import Textures/Videos

  • Use any image / video / live feed as part of the 3D scene

Light Modes

  • Chase Light
  • All On
  • Flicker Mode

Dynamic Looks

  • Control the amount of the 3D parts in the scene
  • Change the look with one click
  • Developing 3D looks that tell a story

Resolution Unlimited

  • Choose the resolution that fits your needs


  • Duplicate each look with different settings
  • Create endless variations

Alpha Channel

  • Alpha output so you can layer anything below!
Demo Version
  • Check Your System Performance
  • Includes 3 Fully Featured Looks
  • Watermarked
  • Unlimited Time Use
  • Windows/PC Only
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