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Beat Machines VJ Pack / 20 VJ Loops

We’re happy to announce that Beat Machines is now available for purchase! Get it here: https://www.ghosteaminc.com/portfolio/beat-machines-vj-pack-20-vj-loops/ 20 VJ Loops built in 3D space, containing stunning shapes, cubes, triangles, balls & more. Perfect for LED screens, video mapping, light projection, events,...

Beat Machines VJ Pack / 20 VJ Loops

Hi VJs! Finally, we can say that our next pack “Beat Machines” will be released in the new 1-2 weeks. This pack will blow your mind! 20 VJ loops of 3D scenes, detailed and textures. With lots of movement and...


Recomendation for users, GhosTeam never let you down, ever ! I want to have all their creations, they have great ideas and deliver HQ stuff.
Ghosteam are one of the best in their field!
Ghosteam takes things to the next level and is a shining beacon of light in an otherwise grey and bleak world.
Working as a team, and being committed to innovation and creativity—to create something new, better, and different.